Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chomping at the bit

So I am ready. More than ready. We have scrutinized the tiniest photo in a magazine, done countless searches, toured home after home, walked the imaginary lines on our floor to get a feel for the way it will be, we have drawn plans and drawings and revised and revised again, talked and talked and talked some more.

Today we rushed down to City Hall to sign our permit to get a septic tank and water. Whoopee! While it may sound ungrateful that I am not very excited about a little H2O, we went to the Parade of Homes this weekend and all I can think of is:

and a little bit of

But for now I just get to sign papers and dream about what will be, HERE:

1 comment:

face said...

If you build that kitchen I will come, and I may even learn to cook something that does not come in a box.