Tuesday, March 25, 2014

sporty spice

I vow to stop saying we are not athletes.  We, meaning Tony and I, are not big on organized sports, granted.  It might be our reluctance for social interaction.  It might be our reluctance to be told what to do.  It might be our lack of coordination, but really, maybe, that it just me.  Come to think of it, as long as it doesn't involve a ball Tony is a natural at things that require arms and legs moving in various directions.  Like rollerblading.  I gave Tony a pair for graduation, he slapped them on and rolled away down our bumpy sloped road like he had always had them on his feet. But I have to stop saying we are not athletes, because he are active.  Is there an activlete?  Or an althtive?  Because what I mean is we get after it.  We set little goals, do the work to get there and set some more.  We stick to it.  So really, isn't that what an athlete does?

No. 20
So maybe there is hope for the Bachart Babies.  You wouldn't look at us and say that we are a smooth bunch of people.  Or graceful.  Or maybe even coordinated.  You would say that we are willing to try.


For his whole life long, Aidan has been reluctant to show what he knows until he really knows it, if that make sense.  He didn't try walking.  He studied it, and practiced on the sly and then one day when Tony asked him to hand over the remote, he just walked across the room.  Same-same with reading.  He couldn't bear the thought of sounding out words.  He would read in his head, over and over until he knew he had it.  Then boom.  Hop on Pop!  

But this Lacrosse thing?  He is out there trying.  You can still see him studying.  You can see him shift his shoulders anticipating what he would do as he watches a play by play in his head.  But he is out there too.  He gets knocked around.  He gets knocked down too.  He gets whacked with sticks and stepped on.  He's not ready to do the knocking or whacking quite yet, but he loves it.  All of it.  The coaches, the kids, the rules upon rules upon never-ending rules.
He is out there, and he loves it. 
I, however, have chewed my cuticles to nothingness.

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