Tuesday, March 4, 2014

full speed ahead!

We have this ebb and flow to our little life.  I kinda like the flow but then again the ebb isn't so bad either.  Right now it is about to get all ebb-on-crack which makes me simultaneously nervous-excited and nervous-scared. 

But our little life is revving up to the ebb this time, instead of just throwing us into the thick of it.  I spent a good 45 minutes today logging things into the calendar and trying to appreciate all of the stuff we have going on.

Like last week. 
We had some stuffs going on. 
Nothing crazy, nothing too hectic, just stuffs.

Stuffs like the ten year anniversary of the dual language program.  Normally this wouldn't have made the list but since both of my children volunteered to participate we made sure it was on the calendar.  Nadia sang with her class and handed out fans that her classmates made.  Aidan explained the concept of algebraic exponents like it was no big thing.  Did I mention he did this in Spanish?   I understood a handful of words but I am pretty sure it was awesome.  And he is really handsome, so there is that.  Here is a grainy picture from far away to show it. 

Stuffs like my mom's birthday.  She is 69.  I didn't take even one picture but I did eat a bunch of Hawaiian Teriyaki and Russian Chocolate.  She said she didn't want us to buy gifts so Tony pulled a fast one and made her an apron.  I picked out the butterfly fabric so really I should get all of the credit. 

Stuffs like introducing go-go-Gabby to Aidan and Nadia.  They were amazed at how tiny she is and were floored when I told them that she has literally tripled in size.  Again, no pictures.  What was I thinking? 

And stuffs like a lacrosse clinic.  Aidan is in love.  He started practice last night.  Nadia wants to play too but since it is the same time as Girls on the Run she decided to wait until next year.  Again, no pictures of Aidan all padded up or of us freezing our whatnots off.  Nor did I get a picture of me rocking a sweet cat hat.

But I did get a picture of Tony doing this...


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