Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Count yourself lucky...

I do.
I don't know where I would be without my Tony.  Sometimes I try to picture it and then I quickly blink it away because I can't imagine a good life without him, let alone this wonderful life we have.  And today is his birthday.  This world has had 37 years of good fortune with this hell of a guy. 

Here is a list of randomness about our Tony.

>>He likes lists and so do I.  Ergo, a birthday list.

>>His favorite movie just might be It's a Wonderful Life.  Followed closely by Pump Up the Volume because he has this rebellious streak (and just might be plotting to stick it to the man) and The Notebook because he is a complete romantic. 

>>His 'working music' is 1970's Country.  Throw on some Johnny Horton or some Marty Robbins(maybe Johnny Cash if he's feeling mainstream) and step back.  He's going to get stuff done.  But his 'pump up' music is usually something with questionable lyrics.  He's been known to love a little Limp Bizkit Nookie and his latest favorite is Rosana by Wax. 

>>He likes to bake and gets a little competitive about it.  Luckily he is dang good at it so I don't have to squish his feelers when he asks if his bread is better than xyz's bread. 

>>If he could do anything in the whole world for a living it would be flip houses.  If he could do anything for leisure it would be a toss up between sail the world, soak in the tub reading a good book and build something...anything...out of wood, out of busted up old cars, whatevs.

>>He will gladly correct any of my takes on his fav's and wishes but you won't see it on a social site.  He just sent me a text about how he sucks at facebook, and anyone who played fantasy football with him knows he doesn't make a trade.  Doesn't as in never, ever. 

>>He loves me and he loves his Aidan and Nadia.  He tolerates the cats and is mildly fond of Margo.  He is loyal and giving and loving and opinionated in the best way and helpful and handsome and funny and smart and sexy and handy truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

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