Friday, May 24, 2013

some kind of beautiful

last weekend i was grouchy.  like, grouchy-grouchersons-type-grouchy.  then everyone got sick, save tony, and i can't quite shake the grouchies.  i chalked it up to stress and then to hormones and to the hacking, coughing, body aching, sore throatness of it all, and ultimately to impatience.

this time of year is my favorite and my nemisis all wrapped up into one.  i long for spring. i love it with every fiber of my being. because spring gives way to summer and all i want is to get in my car with my people and, without a plan or a care, just go. 
but i can't. 

it's the season of waiting. 
but summer, in all of it's family-time goodness, is just on the horizon.

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