Friday, May 3, 2013

cats and muu muus

let's start with muu muus.  it is an easier topic to tackle.  honestly, there is not a topic here and nothing to tackle.  i just love wearing muu muus and feel like i need to publicly declare it.  so there it is. 

eclipse and the yellow muu muu

gordo and the hawaiian muu muu
as for cats.  i love them.  all of them.  this is not new information, but lately we have had some kitty hardships.  gordo left us.  nadia is broken hearted.  i am broken hearted for her and for me.  he was my little morning buddy.  we don't know where he has gone and can only hope that he isn't hungry.  if you see him, let him know we love him and his lounging chair is ready for him.
who wouldn't miss this guy?


Bella Mente said...

:( Oh no!! I am so sad to hear Gordo has gone missing!! I hope that he finds his way back to you soon!!

Anonymous said...
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