Thursday, April 4, 2013

well into spring break

and it is spring break, not SPRING BREAK!!!  we are taking it slow.
just a bunch of misfits hanging out around the house mostly.

in fact, today, thursday, 3 whole 5ths of the way through this thing, is the first day i have gotten dressed.  i know, even i am surprised i'm dressed.

and by dressed i mean i exchanged my yoga pants for jeans, my flip flops for toms and put on a pair of earrings.  not real earrings.  just the kind that you slide through.  i couldn't be bothered with backs and latches.  we are embracing the 'break' part wholeheartedly afterall.  it only lasted the 3 hours it took to go to the orthodontist, meet a couple of cuties at the library and then rock the chocolate covered pretzel with peanut butter blizzard i snarfed after lunch. 

and oh my deliciousness it was good-the company and the dq... but then it was back to home and (oh so happy i had to dance about it) back to my leopard pj's pants. 

and we have lounged only a little, really.  we spent a day loving on some lambs and pretending to be of some sort of help. 

and we did spend one whole day cleaning the garage.  like deeeeeeeeep cleaning.   like 24 totes and breaking out the label maker cleaning.  ok, so we won't label until saturday, but things are orderly and we have stuff ready to find a new home. tony seemed equal parts relieved as to how things shaped up and confused as to how we accumulated so much.

and we (meaning me) have relaxed on the rules a titch and let the kitchen become a roller rink -even during peak cooking times.  i still make the kids run on the treadmill to earn time for video games.  i use the term 'make' loosely.  i wish i loved that machine as much as they do. 

and we still have big plans ahead of us.  a day trip maybe?  a nook class? who knows...



Monique said...

I'm so grateful for the day trip idea! I loved seeing you all! Our turn next time!

Anonymous said...
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Melanie said...

Me too! It's always a great time when we are with you!