Monday, April 1, 2013

the finest spring has to offer

it looks like a set of monkey bars when you stick a couple of kids on it, but it is really an arbor.  and not just any arbor.  it is an arbor that my dad made for my wedding many moons ago and has been holding steady as a trellis in my parents front yard.  they moved it off to the side yard in the perfect place for inspiration to set in.  while my mom and i sat in lawn chairs chatting it up and offering occasional advice to my dad, brother and tony who were framing a shed in the back yard, the kids decided the arbor was a multi-play-thing that needed to have it's limits tested.  after climbing it and doing the monkey bar thing, they whipped out a pocket knife, cut the sleeves off of their shirts and made a swing out of it.  seriously. 

and that, my fine feathered friends, along with some pulled pork and chips, is how we celebrated easter annnnnnnnnnnnnnddddd my super dad's super 71st birthday. 
it was the best spring day i've had in years. 

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