Thursday, April 18, 2013

there it is again

that little feeling starting to take hold.  the one that says it's time to go, go , go. 
i know it is the feeling of spring.  it happens every year. 

but this morning when i heard a plane overhead as i was getting ready i could hardly contain my flight response. 

so i did what i always do.  i went to my favorites list on my weather app and mentally pictured myself hearding my little family through Seville, Spain.  a beautiful 84 degrees would be warmth to my restless soul.  oh and it is a sunny 63 in Paris, France.  maybe we would bike and take a picnic?  Santiago, Chile is calling our names.  i'd be down with a dance in the rain when it is 81 degrees in San Jose, Costa Rica.  A high of 81 sounds just lovely for strolling through the market.  a clear blue sky in Tangier, Morocco would be perfect weather to tour churches, don't you think? 

but instead i am living it up in sunny Pasco, WA where the day calls for a CO2 lab in all five classes, probably some salmon for dinner and then aidan, tony and i will snuggle up for a 'summer to do'
presentation that nadia has been working on.  i'll take it. 

and now for a unrelated but kinda related because if you stretch your mind anything can connect and we did have to travel afterall picture...
aidan on a field trip to central with his mama and her classes. 

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