Saturday, March 16, 2013

the makings of a great woman

one that will call it like it is.
one that will make you laugh no matter how mad you might be.
one that will remember verbatim what you said one year ago, and use it against you.
one that will melt your heart with just the right words. 

i had another one of those not so fine mothering moments the other night.  it was all about the ridiculousness of school pictures.  all of my sweet nadia's clothes are hammered.  don't even get me started on her shoes.  and then there is the perpetual tandem dysfunction known as her hair and her nails.  i sound really harsh.  i love this girl more than the air i breathe.  please never mistake that.  she makes me love life.  seriously.  she has these moments of extreme drama which are often in response to my extreme drama.  and yes, i have them.  like her, they are few and far between but we kinda like to build them up.  let them get some serious steam and then unleash with an unholy fury. 

did i mention few and far between?  i think i need to again, just so you don't fear my company.

this girl.  this great woman in the making.  do you know what she said to me during this major meltdown?  well first, when tony said i wasn't trying to be mean she said, "this is you not trying to be mean!!!"  and then this girl says to me while i am expressing the importance of brushing your hair and finding clothes that actually match, she actually says, "do you remember what you said to me one year ago, mom?  you said that these pictures are supposed to be a picture of who i am at that moment.  remember that?" 

well done nani b. 
you are well on your way to being a great, great, memory-like-a-steal-trap-when-it-serves-you-best woman. 

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