Sunday, August 15, 2010

not so much goin' to the chapel

more like goin' to our backyard.

That fishy face on the left,
a fishy face I love dearly,
one I am so lucky to call sister,
got murried.

That's right! She tied the knot. Strapped on the ol' ball n chain. Gave up her bachelorette days.  Sowed her last wild oats.  Settled down.  Joined the institution. 

to this guy.

what a wonderful pair

Their's is a modern love story, complete with a meeting and a ceremony conducted by an online-ordained minister who just so happens to be our brother James (who doubled as the chef, father to a ring-bearer, a flower girl and husband to a bridesmaid).

They have known each other for five years, lived in three states together, have two dogs and are raising Lane and Kaid together.  And last Saturday, August 7th 2010, they married.  The ceremony was simple and beautiful.  The reception was delicious and fresh.  Fresh and uncomplicated, just like I hope their marriage is.  There were friends and family abound and so many people helped make this day special. 

a calm bride getting ready

Melanie, a bridesmaid & Grace, a birthday girl

Aidan and I gussying up









and Andria was the picture of loveliness...
the bride

the prince

the maxwells

the smiths keeping it hot in the kitchen

some cousins

and more cousins

and more cute cousins

James & Debi

mother of the bride

father of the bride and the happy couple!

'Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.
I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One.
I give ye my Spirit, 'til our Life shall be Done.'


Monique said...

Good Lord,
You Maxwells know how to make a girl cry! I have been patiently waiting to see the blog full of wedding pics. What an incredible day for all of you. All Beauties in a perfect time and a perfect place. Thank you for sharing. You choked me up in the end...I dream someday someone will say the same to me! I am so proud to call you all friends!

Anaface said...

Thank you for putting into words our big day. Words can not express how thankful we are for all of your help.

Anaface said...

I know your someone is right around the corner:)

Bella Mente said...

looks like a day full of laughter/beauty/love/FUN!! :) I told Tony you might have to have some more weddings there ya know.. ;)

Mimi said...

Monique- Andria is right, you will hear those words soon.

Andria- you are welcome.

Lexi- does that mean someone is planning a wedding?

Bella Mente said...

possssibly.. about 1.5 years away :)