Friday, April 16, 2010

the unfortunate result of a physics lesson

Dearest Nadia (or better yet, Nadia's front teeth),
Meet skateboard.

Meet Nadia's front teeth.

You should have heard the sickening-crunch when I popped them forward again.

Sweet Noni,
Try not to get so chummy with the skateboard next time.
Love you- with or without your teeth.


Anaface said...

Oh Nonnie,
I am so sorry:( Ask your Mommy about her physics lesson in gym class.

Auntie M

Monique said...

I am so sorry. T-bug knows how you feel. Miss you and love you lots.


Bella Mente said...

Yikes! You popped them forward? Ahh.. Poor Nadia.. I have had my terrible physics lessons from skateboards as well.. no bueno!