Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my ego, it's a hurtin'

As Tony and I passed in the hall, he coming from Nadia's room and me from Aidan's, he whispered that Nadia told him he had a better accent than I do.  That would be a Spanish accent.  The language that I studied in high school, the one that I thought I bested him at.  Come on Nadia, Dude took Russian in high school! 


I snuggled down with Nadia for a little girl time.  She had invented a sash of sorts for her Baby Jack to wear that would hold all of his school essentials.  There was a convenient hook for his lunch box, his paper was to go in the fold on the hip and so on.  Her response when I complemented her on being a wonderful inventor was "you know mom, you sure married a good man!"  How sweet!  Oh, but this part is just too good not to quote, "You know that you two work together, with like one brain.  You invent things and then he builds them.  You guys just do great work together.  And sometimes when you get off your lazy bum..." and this is where I need to pause.  She stopped, realized what she had just said, and without missing a beat said with her nose all crinkled up cute and thoughtful like, "well I only said lazy because you know sometimes you like snooze on the couch." At this point you need to picture my Noni-Sweet dramatically lounging back on her mountain of pillows making exaggerated snoring sounds.  On no, it gets better.  She draped the back of her hand across her forehead.  Seriously child!  She went on like this digging deeper and deeper and while my ego is a wee bit damaged, she is right.  I did marry a great man. 

Know this my love, you have your family behind you in all you do.  We love you and believe in you and are thankful for all you do. 
Love your lazy-bum wife, stinky-like-cheese son & of course, your don't-know-when-to-shut-it daughter


Trevor and Sara said...

I can completely picture that conversation between you and Nadia! The kid is a crack up! I am glad you're writing this stuff down. :)

PRP said...

I'm with Sara...I can picture it perfectly! She does have a flair for the dramatic, not at all like the girls living under my roof...:)

Bella Mente said...

haha, I love it :) The things she comes up with sometimes- always makes for a brightened day reading about them!