Saturday, November 28, 2009

handy man

Anyone who knows Tony knows he is one handy man. His to-do list is forever long, split into a multitude of columns and organized by room of the house and area of the yard. Having me as a wife, one who dreams big and is quite convincing, does not help stave the growth of his list.

Here are his latest two projects. For the record, neither of these were my idea. The cat house is to diminish my worry about our squatter cat, or to placate my worry enough that I don't bring him inside to keep him warm, take your pick. Either way, I am lucky to have a husband who validates my concerns for furry little friends, especially when the results are super stinkin cute.

This feat, the Christmas lights, is all Tony. I am in favor of throwing the lights into the yard to give a sparkle-snow effect, the appeal of easy clean up only enhances the sparkle, don't you think? I am also in favor of my 3-ft Christmas tree to be celebrated for all of our lives, but I lost that one too.

1 comment:

Anaface said...

ahhhhh, I think Tony is trying everything in his trick bag to make sure you do not become the Cat Lady in PSA special you guys watched at my house! Just kidding, your both very lucky to have each other!!