Monday, October 14, 2013

'they would box me up and tell me to change'

Our little Nadia has always been a little 'up in the clouds' but she is also the most grounded being I know.  I wouldn't change one little thing about her.  Even when I am at my wit's end in a fit of parenting what-have-yous she is exactly the kid she should be.  She is a little bit sassy and a whole lot messy and every bit the balance between staying out of drama and being the biggest advocate of those in the middle of it all.  So, in keeping with my theme of writing down the little things that I never, ever, ever want to forget because I know some day my sweet kids will ask me what they were like at 10 and I will only be able to tell them the big moments not the every day conversations, I am writing this one down. 

(truth be told, this was one of those moments where I tore a scrape piece of paper out of my lesson planner and wrote while we were driving because I had to get her depth inked down)

I had a late meeting so our schedule was backwards which meant I got to spend a little extra time with her.  My mind was tuck in our old routine which had me taking the long way around to get us back to dutch brothers, and brought us by an overcrowded school bus stop loaded with children who looked a little like an ad for hands across America.  A beautiful mix of beautiful children representing the diversity of our growing hometown.  There were some children wearing traditional hijab, jumping and skipping around.  Nadia said out of no where, that she thought they were beautiful and that no one should make fun of them ever.  She said she had two kids at her school who wear those scarves.  I asked if kids do make fun of them.  She said no, but she knows people can be mean.  She knows that sometimes they do in other places.  Then she said that people are not perfect and it is good that we aren't because if we were no one would learn. 

Seriously, people! 
Will you get a load of that? 
Rest easy tonight, my loves. 
She is not perfect, but she is perfect for me.....and I am convinced she is perfectly suited to change this world in her silly and lovely little way. 

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