Monday, October 21, 2013

I'll say it again

I am so very, very lucky. 
I am sitting here at work eating yogurt and sliced peaches.  I never actually told Tony that is how I like my yogurt these days, but he pays attention.
The nastiest of nasty stomach viruses hit me hard yesterday.  Like, out of no where hard.  Like, stuck in bed until my tailbone was on fire hard.  Like, 3 saltine crackers were all I could manage for an entire day hard.  Like, breaking my 4 1/2 year strike on pop because all I could imagine keeping in was some lemon-lime soda hard. 

But even with all of that sucky dumb tummy ridiculousness, I know I am lucky to have Tony as my partner.  He busted his butt around the house and checked on me in regular intervals.  He took the kids on a bike ride and packed our lunches. 
I am lucky and I freaking love this man. 

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