Tuesday, July 2, 2013


i know i should be fawning over a vacation where we lie for hours in a luscious green meadow figuring out the pictures in the clouds, biking through a nearby village, stopping to eat locally grown fruits and veggies and beautiful pastries, having a few hiking and a spur of the moment rafting adventure and sleeping in a cozy little yurt.  just the four of us experiencing something new and lived-in and earthy.

or maybe i should be celebrating our return from the heart of the city where our children reveled in the symphony, ate up the theatre shows like a decadent death by chocolate cake, marveled at the view of the bright lights from the towering luxury hotel room and of course notched up their iq a few points from all of the museum visits. 

or maybe we should have spent a week soaking up the sun and the peace only a silky sandy beach can give you.  washing our troubles away with the salty ocean waves and taste testing island treats in the moonlight. 

all of those sound like perfection. 
but since every single disney experience* has been the happiest moments on earth for us, we packed up our four tiny carry-ons and headed to florida to make some disneyworld memories.
(*like this one, and this one, and this one too)

tony did all of the planning.
he is a disneywarrior. 


the longest we waited was to get into the magic kingdom.  he knew when to bob and when to weave and everyone knows that it is all about the bobbing and weaving.

he had a plan for every day, every fastpass, most meals, ponchos, sunscreen, he even packed hair ties for nadia and me. this guy. 

we rode every single ride we wanted and didn't even get the chance to bust out our waiting in line games. 

so that's what we did.  we felt the magic at the magic kingdom (thunder mountain railroad at night during fireworks was our fav in case you were wondering).  we loved us some animal kingdom (it's all about the kali river ride for me, the details of asia and africa for tony and expedition everest for aidan and nadia).  toured the worlds at epcot (dude, there is a whole part of epcot we didn't see in 2008! and don't even get me started about the cutest japanese lady making candy). we powered through hollywood studios (migraine for aidan and all). we fell in love with typhoon lagoon and blizzard beach, even sliding down the summit plummet. 

but really it's about the pictures right? 
so here are some, with no rhyme or reason. 


 someday we might dabble in some of those other adventures. 
but for now, the magic of disney is exactly what we want in a vacation. 

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Bella Mente said...

So jealous!! looks like an absolute blaast!!! One day, when I convince Jake to go... I will have to hit Tony up for all of his magical secrets!!! Hope you all are enjoying your summer!! Looks like it so far...