Tuesday, July 30, 2013

12 - no big thang

maybe not for you Aidan...

but for me it is a very big thing.  It means I am thinking about all of the growing you have done and worrying about all of the growing still to do.  Mostly I worry that you are happy.  No, not happy.  Fulfilled, really.  Happiness might just be overrated, but being fulfilled is where it's at. 

That is where my hope lies for you. 

That you will look at all you have done on this earth and feel fulfilled.  That you will close the cover of a book and sigh with contentment and the heavy weight of knowledge.  That you will hug your sister and know that you will never have a better friend.  That you will wipe the sweat off of your brow after doing good work for someone else and be satisfied with the ache in your muscles.  That you will read our silly notes to you and swell with knowing that we are proud of you and grateful for you.  That you will smile back on your progress of each day toward the goals you have set for yourself.  I hope you are fulfilled with your dreams and your effort every day.  I hope you are fulfilled with love and laughter and family and friendship and Aidanness- because that is what fulfills our lives because of you.
Happy Birthday Aidan.


Bella Mente said...

happppyyy late birthday to a pretty rad dude!!! :) So proud to see how grown up he is and all the good he has done and will continue to do! MIDDLE SCHOOL?!? How is this even possible?!!?

Monique said...

I absolutely, positively, refuse to accept 12!!!! Even on such a wonderful and perfect boy as you Aidan! Now stop growing...right...now!!!