Monday, October 29, 2012

you know it

i have the best husband around.

i know i don't need to say it. i know i am totally bragging.  i know that i am lucky beyond words.
but i'm going to write it all down anyway.

i went to boise with a car load of pretty cool girls this weekend. 

we actually paid money and got up early to have people throw paint on us while we ran down the road in the freezing cold. 
ummmm, yea...
it. was. awesome!!!

and so what does a tony do all weekend?

he made bread. because he rocks.
and zuppa tuscana, like only the worlds best soup.
he painted nadia's face like a hollywood about hidden talents.
and he sewed a complete amoeba costume for aidan.

plus i came home to a clean house and a fancy pants dinner and a smile that melts my heart.
do i love me some tony-tony-toninater?
you know it!

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