Tuesday, October 16, 2012

this one is for you

yes, you, grandpa john.
also known as the bacharts on the other side of the mountains.
and you too, papa ike.

the two fellas in our life that call to tell us we have not been keeping up our memory keeper.

sadly, i have no stories to tell though.  or maybe so many that they are all muddled up in my overloaded brain.  the time is flying faster than margo can cover a clean pair of pants with freshly gooey slobber.  if you have not experienced it, it is super fast.

but here are some pictures of the lickity split life we live.  pictures and blurps.  but no stories...busy busy busy, remember?

nadia and i had a girl's weekend.  the boys went camping with the scouts, so we started painting her room, shopped a little and went out to eat- her choice - mongolian.  she has come into her own in the school realm.  just when i think she is going to be a mini-me, floating through school in her little dream world, she turns on her tony genes and starts rocking her academics.

 we are still trying to be active.  sometimes it sucks.  sometimes we end at the park. 

aidan spent a few days barfing but is back to his usual crazy self.  that crazy self includes a lot of mindcraft, a lot of snuggling in his bed reading and rereading his favorite books, and setting up his own home gym in his room. 

tony has just been hanging around.

and spark has been unusually clingy.  and expressive.  and a little demanding. 


Bella Mente said...

and for me!! I like to know what is going on in that crazy, beautiful, busy life of yours!!

anymommy said...

What a lovely little snapshot of life as you know it. I adored it.

Melanie said...

And for Lexie! I want to know was shaking in your life too!! Get to blogging :)