Sunday, August 28, 2011

fall is here, hear the yell

she is so ready for school

friends, and new pencils, new people and learning.

we are excited.
well some of us are.
ok, really it is just nadia--nails and all. third grade is going to treat this little sweetness just fine. 

but the rest of us are trying to talk ourselves into it.
and if i tell myself that i am super duper excited maybe i will be?

it's just that we found our groove this summer.  being home together. now that was super duper.  but i am sure fourth grade will bring bunches of new fun things for aidan to love.  and i am sure that this year will find me in the middle of my favorite group of kids just like usual.  and tony might just like having his friday's back.  that daddy day is a pretty sweet gig after all. 

i am just sure of it...

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Bella Mente said...

Aww!! Her nails are amazing!! :) I am happy she is excited for school! I was hoping to see you t the rally today :( Anywho- Happy First Day of School to you and the fam!