Wednesday, August 24, 2011


because they are my fingers on this here keyboard.  (i almost typed 'typewriter'.  how weird is that?)

because it makes me think of my sister. she's not prickly at all.  she doesn't have a stinger either. but she does love thistle.

because it also makes me think of my childhood home in the very early days when the fields around us had withered apple trees and tall-tall thistle. and that time i got stung by three bees in two days.  but i think of this with warmth funny enough.

because i think the sunlight is glorious.  when i snapped this on friday harbor it was the bee that drew me in, but it was the light that won me over.

because up real-real close like this i kinda want to pet this little honey bee's furry back. 

because some people will see this and automatically think of sex and that is funny. 

because i am melanie kim maxwell and i can talk talk talk talk talk talk talk...wait...that is a different argument for a different time.  usually for a time when my brother told me to shut up.

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Anonymous said...

Really neat picture!! Thanks for sharing. :)