Saturday, July 16, 2011

it IS the little things

like spotting rainbows out of your this one the other night.  isn't she a beaut?
and aidan running out to see if it is a double...then explaining the science behind it.
and nadia wrapping her arms around mine and sighing because it is just so beautiful.

this summer has been an adjustment for me.  if you have been around me for more than 2 1/2 minutes you probably know why.  i have shared with anyone and everyone- for accountability and out of sheer nervousness- that i am cutting back. 
whittling down. 
prioritizing and simplifying. 
on work.

i have put my irons in too many fires (and obviously it has warped me because that sounded just plain wrong in my head).  i am sure there is some underlying reason why i feel the need to say yes to every committee, every program, every club...why i worry i am going to be left behind if i don't. this summer i have started sloughing off some of those extra jobs. i am paring down because my children asked me to. 

i am not saying that i just woke up one morning and my lovelies said, 'hey mom, do you think maybe you could work a little less?' and i just stopped doing all of the extras.  change is not easy, even if it is change for the better-the feel good kind of change.  i am a second-guesser, an over-thinker, a weigher of the greater good and so this transition has left my blood pressure a little high more times than i would like to admit. but, ...i am happier...  the days are fuller.  we find more reasons to laugh and less reasons to rush.  we have spent more time with people we care about.  i am enjoying running around with my people instead of running around for people. 

i am enjoying all of the little things, and i hope my lovelies are learning to enjoy them too.  


PRP said...

Oh, the things I need to learn from you!

You are doing a wonderful job. Enjoy every second.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this, and you!!