Sunday, July 3, 2011

going for alliteration would be a little too much

tony says i take too many pictures of the kitties.
he finds them perplexing...painful even.
the pictures not the kittens. 
this time the kittens were all his idea.
the pictures on the other hand...those are all mine.
i find them precious.
and he said i really should not post them on here for all posterity and public view...

i say, how can i not?
look at that little kitten face?

and that nadia is pretty darn cute too.

 and you know i love that she made a baby sling to carry her bundles of kitty love around.

probably because that is exactly how i would have spent a saturday morning when i was her age.

i have always been a patsy for a kitten face.

1 comment:

Bella Mente said...

tooo cute!! I need to meet these new kitties who are getting sooo big now!