Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day 2010

Nothing says Mother's Day like a fresh sweet batch of kittens.
Go ahead and oooo and ahhh, they are totally use to it after Nadia and I got through with them.

I know, cute right?

The other thing that just has Happy Mother's Day written all over it is spending the day with your mom (Happy Mother's Day Mom, you are the best!!!), your dad, your husband, your kids and Mother Nature herself.  What a great day. 
Color me lucky!


Bella Mente said...

super cute picture!! did you get to take one home? :)

Anaface said...

Oh my kittens with your striped mittens, I just want to hug and squueze them and call them George!

Mimi said...

I didn't get to have one. I even tried the Mother's Day card, but Tony said no! Can you believe that?

Bella Mente said...

I cannot!! That Tony.. lol.. there needs to be an even ratio of humans to animals.. so one kitten couldnt hurt :)