Thursday, March 18, 2010

what I have

I have needs...

I need a fashion consultant. A good one.  Not one that nods his head at every thing with tentative approval, nor a wise 8-year old version of this either.  Not one that is 6 who believes that PJ's are the go-to ensemble in a woman's wardrobe. Not a four-legged one that is really only waiting for me to take my shoes off while I am trying clothes on so that she can dash away with them.

I need a better shopping selection than our dear three cities currently provide.  Preferably a store or two devoted completely to trendy women age 25-40ish who don't want to dress either like a strumpet or like a dowdy granny.  I need a middle ground.  With pleasant sales people.  And an assortment of color.  With great prices.  And good quality.  Preferably with a shoe collection, but that's just me with my crazy talk.

Take two steps back my lovelies.  I am in need of something pink to wear to a dear friend's wedding.  I am stoked for this wedding because this friend is awesome, and so is her fiance, and she is having a pink wedding, and I think that is totally cool.  I do not have a great deal of pink because unlike Shelby Eatenton Latcherie, pink is not my signature color.  So back to the story at hand...

Normally, I take the hubikins (that is what the eye doctor called him and I think it is totally weird that now I am compelled to say it) or Sara but both were otherwise engaged.  As I was driving to our little shopping mecca (and by mecca I really mean the group of generic stores clumped in a certain mallish vicinity with a couple of cool stores sprinkled about) in search of a supportive pink something, I get a call. 

It was from home.  Tony and his limpy-gimpy knee were soaking in the tub and the kids and Margo were undoubtedly initiating operation home-destruction in the mere minutes I had been gone.  After scanning through all of the possible bad outcomes of that situation I was relieved to hear Aidan's voice,
"Hey mom. I miss you. Just wanted you to know.  Oh, and I love you."

We talked like that for a few minutes. He is so grown up and still my little boy all wrapped up into one handsome guy.  I may not have found the perfect pink to support my super friend (not for lack of trying, believe me I went to over 20 stores, some of them twice) but I do have the love of the best 8 year old around.


PRP said...

So sweet.

And I completely agree with the shopping's torturous here! Hope you find something you love.

Anaface said...


How can you need a fashion consultant when your my go-to fashion diva? I am SURE that whatever you choose to wear you will look amazing.