Monday, March 29, 2010

children, i try...

to be kind.
to be understanding.
to be patient.
to be involved.
to be in the moment.
to be loving.
to be silly.
and all the while
to be the keeper of our family journey.

I do try, but sometimes I let excuses get in the way. 
This time I let the doing
get in the way of the documenting.

Time for catch up...
a trip to Cori and Steve's Pinkalicious Wedding. 
I didn't get any good pictures of this blissfully happy couple, but I did get one of the three SESRC ladies... and one of the beautiful bride and CAKE... her favorite thing on the planet (next to Steve of course).

We loved seeing our friends, Aidan and Nadia loved spending time with Papa, and Margo loved her time with Powder, Moo and Trevor.  Thank you to all of the afore mentioned parties for taking care of our lovelies so we could party 'till 9:00 PST!

Aidan built a super alka-seltzer rocket
while Nadia acted like a freakazoid (yes I know she comes by it naturally).
Aidan got a stack of certificates for belt loops at Cub Scouts.

Margo graduated from puppy school...we are so proud. 
Tony and Nadia are wonderful trainers, Aidan and I, not so much.

Nadia  beckoned spring while rockin her ukulele.

School conferences were good and we have some room to grow.  Nadia is excelling socially and is a math rockstar, but will be working on her reading and organization. Aidan's depth of writing has improved greatly, as have his social skills, but will work on increasing his subtraction speed. 
We lazed about a bit. Everything seems to move a little slower as our number one motivater is still recouping from a fractured patella.

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Bella Mente said...

Look at that crazy family of mine I have not seen in forever! Margo is BEAUTIFUL! I cannot believe how big she has gotten! Ok..I can! :) Hope you all are enjoying your spring break!