Monday, December 10, 2007

Snow snow snow snow

For those of you Bing lovers, you will know the title of this entry from 'White Christmas'. You would think it would be this line that would come to mind as I readied for my day this morning. Tony woke me up, then woke me up again, and again and finally again with a cup of coffee in his hand. I drank half, got up and stumbled around and then the phone rings. I hear Tony tell the caller, "you just made her day".

2 hour delay, YES!

I laid back in bed for about another 1/2 hour when I finally just got up (thank you coffee) and did a little work for the day ahead. Then, inspired by the clock, I made pancakes! Yes, hold your applause. We then hurried off to school. I called Tony on my way and asked him to call the Boys and Girls club just to make sure Aidan was to be dropped off in the usual fashion. He calls back as I round the corner to the school and says,

"PSD1, no school today".

So I called Sara, and off to the mall we went to get Tony a birthday present. We came home and I wrapped nearly all of the Christmas presents. I prepared a crockpot delicacy for tomorrow night and made meatloaf, Tony's favorite. I did the dishes and put away laundry and still had daylight to burn. We watched Shrek the third. And still I had time.

I turned my attention out the window to admire the snow that gave me the gift of this day.

I looked. I looked again. Our snow day was really a little ice day that was cleared by 9 am. I am not complaining, I almost got to sleep in and I had a terrific day with my kids:)

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