Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Nadia's mind boggles mine

Nadia: Mom, we had a visitor at school today
Mom: oh really, who?
Nadia: it was a varionet
Mom: A varionet (the only thing I could think she meant was with a marionette)
Nadia: you know, a varionet, the ones that help puppies and kitties and animals and stuff.
Mom: Ohhhhh, a veterinarian!
Nadia: Yes (in her teacher-matter-of-fact voice) and she brought 2 visitors (here is where she holds up two very deliberate fingers)
Mom: who were they?
Nadia: well one was a boy. He had a penis and I saw his penis. (Oh my, what kind of school am I sending her to?)
It was a puppy!
Mom: well who was the other visitor?
Nadia: some girl.

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