Tuesday, November 12, 2013

i love it when...

I don't have to get up in the morning but I can't stay in bed because all I want to do is say good morning to Tony.

And then I get to go back to bed.  Yea, that's the best. 

And so are my kids.  They do their morning thing without a peep in my direction because they like to let me sleep in.

And when I do roll out of bed I get the chance to go for a run in the sunshine.  Just a little one, but a good one. 

And I love it when my kids help without complaint.  Folding the mountain of laundry, washing dishes, putting them away and helping with dinner!  They don't know about that last one yet, but I know they will be game.  And I love it when one of them wants to snuggle while the other one is giving up some of his 'day off' to perform a flag ceremony for deserving Vets. 

This is one of those posts where it sounds like I live in a dream.  Sometimes I do, I guess.  Sometimes I have to write it down so I will believe it when I need it.  And sometimes I have to remember to be thankful for a day like today where I get to live it instead of just rush in and out of it.  I am thankful for my job.  I really, really am.  Since I have to work, it really is one of the best gigs around.  But I really love my days home. 

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PRP said...

I love how you can always see all the good that's around you. How lucky.