Monday, September 2, 2013

it happened

i tried, people.  i really did.  i begged the calendar Gods to please stretch summer out just a little bit longer.  i wished and wished and wished to get a little more time in the sun and a lot more time home with my babies.  it didn't work. 

so here we are.  school is our new thing.  our schedule is wacked, but i do get a little extra one on one time with aidan and nadia gets some extra time with her bff so all is good in the hood.  and you know, kids.  they just do the adjusting thing better than adults.  i don't think it is just me either.  i have never heard so many adults starting their summer count down on the first day of school.  and not just teachers either!  parents and principals too.  what surprises me most is that aidan isn't. 

he is loving 6th grade.  all three of his teachers are reportedly hysterical.  his schedule is awesome.  i am hopeful that they are fanning the flame that 5th grade kinda killed. 

and miss nadia is doing fine too.  and by fine i mean that is what she says everyday when she comes home.  it was fine.  not good, not bad.  her friends are fine.  her teachers are nice and sweet and fine too.  her specials are fine.  oh, and lunch is fine too.  maybe it is a 5th grade thing?  we are all hoping fine does a quick flip into fantastic.

as for the mom side of was harder to think about this being nadia's last year of elementary than it was to think about it being aidan's first year of middle school.  they are growing up.  i don't know how it happened.  i mean, i know how it happens.  but i don't know how it happens, you know?  it's so cliché' but time with them goes so fast.  i guess we better buckle up then, right?
Three cheers to a good year.  

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