Tuesday, August 21, 2012

cry if i want to

i don't want it to end.
this whole getting paid while staying home thing. 
it's a pretty sweet deal. 
(excuse me while i climb atop my high and mighty teacher horse, but it's not like i didn't work at all this summer.  i had unpaid trainings, meetings to make sure next year our kids are well taken care of, emails out my wazzu to make sure that whatever part i have in helping teachers is also taken care of and planning, planning, planning.  really what i am saying is support teachers.  support education.  we all work way more than we are paid too and we are all just a smidge tired of hearing how we get the whole summer off.  i'll get off this blasted horse now.)

and tomorrow i have to go back to work.  like all day.  and the next day.  and repeat that until eternity which in this case just so happens to be june 7, 2013...

no more staying up as late as tony, just because we can.
no more sleeping in until a snuggler comes to bed to talk to me.
no more hanging out with the cool moms during swim team practice. 
no more tan legs and big floppy hats and no more tank tops and flip flops.
no more doing the laundry little by little.  too soon i will go back to saving it all up for a day of sunday washing & folding fun.
no more driving up to huntsville to visit grammie & papa just because.
 no more baking cookies in the sun.
no more running in the morning or running till way too dark, probably.
no more riding our bike to fro yo, or the open air market, or the park on a weeknight.
no more fun family fridays.

no more haphazard, lazy, spontaneous, lovely days of summer.

i want to throw a good old fashioned tantrum.  the kind where i roll around on the floor and pound my fists and spit when i yell because it is all just so unfair---when really it is not about fair and unfair.  it just feels a little unfinished.  i want to do more of all of that, make more of all of those memories. 

now it's all pencils and schedules and buses and lesson planning and blah blechity boopy barf barf.

i better change my attitiude.


PRP said...

I couldn't agree more! I'm so sad to see this most magical summer come to an end. I want to relive each second of it and do more of the same in all the days to come. Let's just work on making the days ahead feel like summer, ok?

Anonymous said...

hmmm. you know what you wise but younger sister would say (and totally be right by the way) be thankful for __________! I love you Mel!

Melanie said...

I know your right about being thankful. Not about being my younger sister though. :)

Melanie said...

Way to put a positive spin on it Karen! You are right-- long live summer!