Tuesday, September 6, 2011

putting the labor in labor day

we spent the weekend roofing my parents early 1900 house.  it sounds like a terrible way to spend the weekend. 

it was hot. 

the roof had been accumulating moss, dirt and just-put-yer-gloves-on-and-do-it-who-knows-what-else for over 55 years. 

the kind of dirt that likes to stick to sweaty bodies and cling to your nose-holes. 

insects like to hang out on roofs, don't you know? 
and there is like a ton of hammering involved that leaves your hands all blistered up. 

despite all of that it was a fantastic weekend.
...my mom fed us my weight in butterfingers.  and oreos.  and ice cream. and the very best blt i have ever had.  don't even get me started on the roast and my mom's gravy. 

we talked.
we did dishes.
we talked about plans.
we impersonated spiderman.
my parents impressed me.  not that they hadn't before.  they do, often.  but this time was different.  the sun was shining through the trees and the years of dirt was raining down. they were hot and tired and busting their humps to meet their own deadline.  and through all of that, they would stop and listen as nadia threw her two cents in.  they gave her ideas real consideration.  they paid close attention to how aidan worked and gave him specific jobs so he would feel helpful.   

we smiled...like a lot. and they thanked us for our help.  but how do we thank them? 

how exactly to you put to words all of that---intangible understanding, love, attention to detail, meals specifically crafted to our tastes---stuff without it getting all watered down and corny? 
maybe you just give them a poster sized print of this face?
that might do it.


PRP said...

love you and your knack for finding the silver lining. sounds like a wonderful weekend despite the less than wonderful work.

Auntie M said...

thank you for all of your hard work. thank you for helping mom and dad, and sharing your weekend with them. Miss Nonnie B you look like you have been riding for YEARS!!!!!!! Mister your smile is perfect!