Sunday, June 5, 2011

all about eight

today nadia maxwell bachart...
...queen of the giggles
...sweetest of the sweet
...tenaciously determined
...and lover of all things family, babies, purple, song-ish and her mother...
turns eight!

you might just wonder what it is like to be all of these things.  let's just ask her, shall we?

me: nadia. what is it like to be you?
nadia: it's awesome!  it is fun.  especially with my mother.
me: are you just saying that because i am the one typing?
nadia: no. i am saying it because i love you {said with a joyful smile and her signature happy dance}

me: what are your plans for your eighth year?
nadia: i don't know. have fun, get good grades, play with my friends and get some new ones too-but still play with my old ones of course.

me: anything you want to accomplish this year?
nadia: {all of this was said while she acted each thing out, mind you} i want to get into swim team, and basketball and soccer.  i want to work on math, like multiplication. i want to keep on treating people well.

me: what did you like about being seven?
nadia: well i had nice friends, and i had a lot of fun. and that's actually kind of creepy how you are typing and not even looking. do you even know what you are typing? 
me: did you accomplish anything at seven that you are proud of?
nadia: driving papa's tractor thing and riding my bike on long long long trips, growing my teeth and riding dad's lawn mower.

me: what do you plan to do with yourself when you are all grown up?
nadia: work at aidan's zoo, hmmmm... work with las tigres, and well, have babies.  tres bebes.  y yo quiero hacer un veterinario que hace todos los animales. 

nadia: is-that-it? i-wan-na-go-play-with-aidan {again said in broken robot with a new dance, this one resembles a robot shaking her groove thing}


Bella Mente said...

O.M.G..... I love this kid.. haha and I KNEW she was going to say the zoo- I hope to work there someday too! Happy Birthday Nadia!! It is so weird how fast they are both growing up!!

PRP said...

We love that girl and I can't wait for that final picture to make it in the senior slide show...Nadia is a true friend whose caring heart knows no bounds. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!

Monique said...

I just love the energy and love that little girl always has! She is so amazing!