Wednesday, April 6, 2011

seriously, it IS like i am domestic and stuff

and i think i like it...

yesterday i used a sewing machine. 

like an actual needle-moves-up-and-down-you-get-to-step-on-the-pedal-and-thread-a-bobbin sewing machine. 

no seriously! i'm not even joking. and yes, from this picture it looks like i played dress the baby in ric-rac while sara sewed but that is really me right there.
see? SEWING!

exhibit A: crazy messed up happy spring break hair.
exhibit B: cell phone for emergency calls to sara, my mom, andria or the gods of the internet.
exhibit C: my trusty water bottle that is never far from my reach. besides, sewing gets your thirst on.
exhibit D: sidekick numero dos. sidekick one was off playing with pet-pet the rice pet that he made.
exhibit E: holy in holy moley i can't believe that is me sewing.

i made pillows. cute ones too. even some made out of dishtowels! and little flowers with a button in the center and everything!

and yes that happened because sara totally got me started. for my birthday she set a date to teach me how to sew pillows (not only because she loves me so but also because she is good at finding loopholes, specifically ones left wide open when husbands -read tony- try to lay down the 'no more buying throw pillows' law)
she fiddled with the dishtowel until it fashioned a pillow,
and yes she made the first one
and sewed half of the second one
and fused the batting on the last two...

and yes, my mom totally supervised me after sara had to get the nicomiseter home for a proper nap even though she completly made me nervous i was grateful for her advice...

and yes, tony talked me through my freak out when i broke a needle...

but i learned a ton! and felt very domesticated. 
and even offered to quit teaching so i can stay home and make pillows and do laundry.

super cute right?


PRP said...

So super cute! I want some please!

Bella Mente said...

I looooove them!! :) I was going to ask you where you got them when I saw them- but now I know!! i loove what you have done with the living room- so chic and home-y!

Mimi said...

I would be happy to make more Karen! Lexi, I am glad you liked them. I hope Margo is being good for you:)

Bella Mente said...

:) She was and she always does- that little magician Margo!