Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a date...

we spent the morning cleaning then working on a new basketball hoop and our P I G skills. we then took time out for a short date.

just tony and i.

lunch at fiesta where he let me snack on his lunch too. he humored me as i told him that even though i am terrible at basketball (i have the title of the only person to ever be cut from the dayton high school basketball team to prove it) i feel like i look amazing at it. we made a list of all of the places we plan to go, a list of which ones will include our lovely children, our wonderful family, our fantastic friends and which ones will just be us. we tried to prioritize them but how can you prioritize your dreams when they all hold such value? we did settle on a plan to go to the Mediterranean in 3 years and talked about little trips for the in between.

we drove to the park and sat in our sun-baked car.

we looked knowingly at each other and it was decided.
we were going to live life to its fullest.
indulge! and so right there in the park, in broad daylight we napped.
what a luxury. i felt almost guilty giving in. almost spoiled even.

ok, spoiled and old.

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PRP said...

I LOVE IT! Isn't it funny the things that seem so indulgent nowadays? So glad you snuck in a little cat nap.