Friday, December 25, 2009


Yesterday was my sister's birthday.

My sister is a phenomenal woman, that is a fact. I have been thinking for a while now how to sum her up in just one word.
I couldn't think of one.
A thousand came to mind.
How can you pick one word that embodies a woman who can do anything?
I should ask her, she would know.

The closest I could come was...

that is...

When I have a "how?", I call Andria.
She has an answer.
She has an answer for me, for everyone who asks.

She even has answers when you don't.
Just a week ago our brother said to me regarding a computer problem "Andria will fix it when she gets home". And just yesterday I overheard her son Kaid say, "Give it to Mom, she can do anything!"

Even when she is resting, she is fixing something. In this case she is fixing a restless Margo.

She can do it all. She has the right answer to every question.
As I rack my brain, the only question that I have asked as of late where her answer was just a little misguided was who was older, me or her... she has convinced some that it is me.

Happy Birthday Andria.


Anaface said...

Ahhhh! Your too sweet to me!

Monique said...

I wish you the best wishes possible on your birthday! I am glad you are getting some Fam time!! Enjoy.