Sunday, August 9, 2009

and the next Sunday...

Since the wind is blowing Tony says, with trepidation, "can we go sailing today?" and before I can answer he says, "just for like an hour or so, and we will go just down the road. I know you were really sick last time, so I understand if you don't want to, but just so you know, I really, really love that you tried it out."

What he doesn't know is that I am already calculating the time it will take to jump in and out of the shower and get the kids suited up while trying to mentally search the house for my suit that I am 90% sure I washed yesterday, but then I remember I only thought about doing laundry and lounged around reading instead.

And so we suit up.
and get ice water ready.
and fix the coleslaw we are planning to have for dinner so it can marinate.
and brazenly all jump in Stinky Pete to travel the 3 miles to Wade Park.
and don my Sea Bands.
and down my ginger punch.
and quickly hoist the sails.
and tie down the refreshments.
and back down the ramp.
and fight the wind with nervousness.
and blow against the dock with a not too gentle slap, slap, thud.
and accept the kindness of a stranger, Kayak-er Steve, who walked the nameless vessel along the dock.
and try to hide our embarrassment as he jumps on dock to further assist us.
and smile sheepishly at my husband as Kayak-er Steve shouts suggestions.
and hide my giggles as the tillers get stuck in the vegetation.
and hold Nadia close as the big waves from a passing boat crash against nameless vessel.
and helplessly offer help.
and breeze down river.
and snap a pic with my cell phone.
and shoot across river to the neighboring town.
and jokingly ask the kids if they want to play in the park as it seems we will meet the shore before we want to.
and shade Nadia's eyes as she stretches across the tramp hanging on for dear life.
and try to decide if she is scared or sick.
and struggle up river.
and realize Aidan is becoming Tony's first mate, complete with jargon like, "How we doin' old chap?" while hanging off the side.
and realize Nadia's hand is lax against the ropes and her breathing is sleepy.
and breeze down river narrowly missing
a jet ski here
and a speedboat there,
here a goose,
there a fisherman,
everywhere a hindrance!

and then see the Sheriff's boat.
and see the Sheriff's boat heading straight for us.
and question Tony, "is he going to veer any time soon?"
and watch him circle us.
and watch Tony expertly sweep around to come to a stop
and think Tony has been holding out on us, he is a pretty good sailor that one!
and wonder ditzily aloud, "do they want to talk to us?"
and listen with bamboozled ears as they explain that they received a call that a family on a sailboat was struggling.
and laugh, but wonder if they are right.
and thank the Officers for their kindness for looking out for us
and try not to blush as the chatty Officer tells Tony he looks like he is doing just fine.
and decide it is time to head in.


Anaface said...

What a great adventure!

Monique said...

The nameless vessel needs a name after 2 maiden voyages, sea sickness, sheriff investigation, and an cool, calm and experienced skipper at the helm! I miss you all so much. Maybe that is why I let too much time go by between visits...I miss you too much!

Love you all,