Sunday, August 31, 2008

just a few random reflections

and pics...
...a new welcome mat. It is just a little quirky. You may consider it a warning mat.

...a praying mantis. It jumped out of a box of Christmas decorations while we were cleaning the garage. I squealed. It scared the ba-gez-us out of me due to the fact that all I saw was legs and that evoked my fear of spiders. Once I realized what it was, I felt incredibly silly. Of course Nadia and Tony both witnessed it. It is a really cool insect, don't you think? I took about 10 pictures, much to its disliking.
...a cleaner garage. Tony worked like crazy today. He put a shelf up in the garage which allowed us to get many things off the floor and be able to open the man-door to the garage.

...four new shelves. I do not have a picture as of yet, but Tony and I put shelves in a niche in the bathroom. It makes that room feel complete!

It has been a labor intensive Labor Day weekend, and with a day to spare!


Anaface said...

What do you think the praying mantis was snacking on in the box of Christmas crap? Ants, Spiders, Bed Bugs?

Mimi said...

GROSS! I am sure he was just enjoying the Christmas wonderment. There are NO OTHER INSECTS in or near my home. La-la-la-la, I can't hear your rational rebuttals.