Saturday, April 26, 2008

What's in a word?

Aidan: Mom, I want to be in the talent show.
Me: Well Honey, what is your talent?
Aidan: (after a not too thoughtful pause) I can make Ben10 watches out of paper!
Me: (long and drawn out, trying to find the words that will not crush his spirit) Well, that is not really something you can do on stage. Let's take a look at the handout. Oh, they are looking for people who can dance, or sing, or recite a poem. Do you know what a poem is?
Aidan: No, I can make Ben10 watches very fast!
Me: oh well, here, look. They said you could do a, um, a routine (don't mention Tae Kwon Do because he thinks those 10 lessons made him a black belt) or look, they want musicians like a pianist.
Aidan: no response, just chin to chest stare.
Mom: (oooohhhh this should be fun:) Do you know what a pianist is?
Aidan: ummmm, someone who studies penises?
Mom: (here's where my 2% woman comes out. I could go along with what he said because it is just so dang funny. Then the mom comes out. He may get in trouble. Fine. I will tell him) No honey. Listen to all of the syllables. Pee-a-nist. Like Pee-an-o? Piano?
Aidan: well I can make Ben10 watches and transform them into the Ben10 characters.!

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