Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We have M.O.V.E.D

We are in our new home. The one we drew on a little piece of paper about a year ago, you remember, right? I have hardly mentioned it, so I will understand if you have forgotten...

Yes Aidan, that was sarcasm.

We have two rooms completely unpacked and decorated. That would be Nadia and Aidan's rooms. The rest will come with time. Tony's to-do list is very, very long. He is building cubbies, a closet, cubbies, a mantle, cubbies, a mudroom bench, cubbies, putting in the yard and a few more cubbies. I am really excited about these little things called cubbies. They are storage boxes (like you would see in Pottery Barn) that fit in playrooms to store just about everything. I should be organized to the fullest (at least for a week I am guessing).

Pictures to come!

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