Sunday, February 3, 2008

one click leads to another

So it is Sunday morning and Tony is listening to Ed Daily and the kids are playing with their eyeclops and I am clicking away just to see where the webworld takes me.

This is where I landed...

kristin kreuk. marcia cross. krista allen. reese witherspoon...

YES! I expected the computer to say Faye Dunnaway or something.
Ok, Ok, so maybe she was on the list too, but it was fun!

You just upload a photo with your picture and they tell you what celeb you most resemble. Sounds fun? Apparently Tony looks like Tom Welling and Peirce Brosnan. Funny enough, a few clicks in and Nadia also resembles Peirce! She matched with Mary Kate Olsen and we will just forget about the match with Nick Nolte! Aidan turned up as Vince Vaughn and the girl who played Hermione!

Post your comment about who you look like (the good, the bad and of course the ugly)
Have fun!

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