Sunday, January 27, 2008

31 = ouch

After a day of painting accent walls and an evening of rollerskating (or trying to) I am now aching, soar, in pain, tense, tight, strained; take your pick. Heck, choose two or three!

I am also proud and thankful. Tony is amazing, at EVERYTHING! He painted like a mad-man. He skates like a roller-derby king (minus the hot pink pants). Both Aidan and Nadia strapped those skates on for the very first time and tried their best. Aidan was nearly the last one off the rink! Skating was to celebrate Sara's golden birthday! She will be 30 on the 30th! Happy Birthday Sara!!! (more about this & her later). It was a fun day but I am paying for it today.

What can you do? Those walls are not painting themselves! Off we go again!


Tony said...

Thank you beautiful, I am only trying to keep up with your amazingness. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Are you absolutely certain that it is not 31 + 8.5? 8)