Sunday, October 28, 2007

Can you say "overkill"?

We are ecstatic about the lot!

We are overjoyed with the house plans!

We can not get enough of the wildlife (seriously, there are chickens, quail, a goat!)

But the sign? It is a little over the top, wouldn't you say?

I love the lighting in the fall

Sara took these pictures outside her front door around 4.


We are having a blast watching the process! The kids love running in the dirt:)

Thursday, October 11, 2007


We have officially broke ground!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crazy Dreams

Aidan sits up in bed at the rosy hour of 6:00 am and says 'wwwwhatz 8 minus 0?'. I said, I didn't know, what is 8 + 0. He says, with more urgency, "whatz 8 minus 0, Mom?". I asked him if I had 8 legos and he took 0 away how many would I have? (I know it is a lame example but I was also working on a furry 6 am brain) He says "phew, 8!" and flops back down. Then again with a look that says he is not budging until he gets the next one says, "what's 8 minus 1?" I say, what do you think Aidan. Again, with relief he says 7!

All is right with the world! No trick questions, no trick answers. What if these have been the dreams that have been waking him in the middle of the night all these years?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Nadia's mind boggles mine

Nadia: Mom, we had a visitor at school today
Mom: oh really, who?
Nadia: it was a varionet
Mom: A varionet (the only thing I could think she meant was with a marionette)
Nadia: you know, a varionet, the ones that help puppies and kitties and animals and stuff.
Mom: Ohhhhh, a veterinarian!
Nadia: Yes (in her teacher-matter-of-fact voice) and she brought 2 visitors (here is where she holds up two very deliberate fingers)
Mom: who were they?
Nadia: well one was a boy. He had a penis and I saw his penis. (Oh my, what kind of school am I sending her to?)
It was a puppy!
Mom: well who was the other visitor?
Nadia: some girl.